New Year, New Me

New Years Resolution は何?

新年の決意を作りましたか?英語で新年の決意は「New Years Resolution」と言います。年越するとみんなさんが新たなやる気で自己改善を目指しています。アメリカで新年の伝統を話します。

Most popular resolutions

In America, losing weight is by far the most popular New Years Resolution. Everyone wants to get in shape after eating too much during the holidays. There are lots of new gym memberships and diets started in January.


Another popular resolution is saving money. Everyone has spent a lot on gifts for family and friends. Now they want to make their empty wallets fuller! I started a change jar to help saving money. Put a jar in your house and collect small coins (1, 5, 10, 50¥). I’ve already saved 1,000¥ this month!

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Lastly, learning something new is a popular goal. People want to try new challenges and become more interesting with new skills or hobbies. Maybe learning English or starting to skateboard will give you something to look forward to after work! This is also a great way to make new friends in the new year.

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Don’t Give Up in February!

Lots of people quickly give up New Years resolutions, but there are some cute fun ways to stay motivated after the first month!


I like to write new goals in cute fonts and decorate a goal page in my journal or planner. This way you can see it every day and feel a new energy to reach your goal!

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Other people stick post-it notes on their desk or around the house to remind themselves of their goals.

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Lastly, make a pact with a friend! If you work together you won’t feel lonely and will work harder to not give up!

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