Dating Across Cultures


If you're looking to date someone from another country there are somethings that will be different. Today I want to talk about some things that happen when Japanese and Americans date. Also give you some good phrases to use if you find yourself in these situations. Each person is unique so these points are just from my experience, but I hope it is helpful!

外国人と付き合いたいと思っているなら絶対に相違があります。今日にはアメリカ人と日本人が付き合ったら相違について話したいと思います。その上に、貴方はこのような状況で自分自身 を 見つけた場合に使えるのフレーズも教えたいと思います。誰もが同じ意見ではありませんのでこのブログは自分の経験に基づいて書いておりますがみんなさんに役に立つことになればいいです。

Language Differences

Both you and your partner are learning new languages, English and Japanese. It might seem difficult, but the easiest way is to split the difference! Follow these 3 tips and the language difference won't be so scary.


1. Study together, Play together


Studying doesn't have to be hard or serious all the time. Sometimes it's good to sit down and work on textbook study together, but playing together can be language study too! Pick a language and just watch a movie, play a video game, play a board game.


2. Corrections are okay ( just not all the time)


If you were saying something embarrassing in English you would want to know right? But, this person is your partner not your teacher. So keep the corrections to a minimum and you'll both learn a lot without making a fight.


3. Make mistakes, and laugh together


You won't be perfect and miscommunications will happen (even if you speak the same language). The important thing is that you don't fight about it. Accept that it can't be helped and laugh together about it.

誰も完璧ではありません。勘違い場合はあるはずです。          (言語相違がなくてもあります)喧嘩しないようには大事なことです。しょうがないことだと受け入れて一緒に笑いましょう。


We all have expectations for our prince (or princess) charming , but we are all human. It's okay to set high expectations, but when your partner doesn't meet them or is a little different than you imagined don't dwell on it.


Cultural expectations work both ways. American people have some images of Japanese culture that aren't going to match your life. You will also have images of Americans that will be absolutely different than your partner. The best way around cultural differences is to explain them but not use them as an excuse to keep doing something that bothers your partner.


Phrases about expectations

  • I had hoped...
  • I was thinking you would...
  • In my experience...
  • You might not know, but in my culture....



Don't make a problem worse by not knowing the differences in argument styles. Japanese argument styles may be hard for Americans to understand, and the indirect way of saying things might make things worse rather than keep harmony. The best advice is to say what is bothering you directly, but still being calm and respectful.

Flat illustration of a couple of international doctors studying the ill heart through magnifying glass. Scientists are studying the heart disease. Vector illustration for card, banner and your design


Some phrases that might help in a tough time;


  • I don't appreciate it when....
  • I am upset with you because....
  • That really made me angry.
  • I am really bothered when you ...


The biggest difference I noticed is that in Japan just simply saying sorry holds more weight than in America. American relationships saying sorry almost never is enough. Saying sorry is the start but you have to show your sorry by your actions after.


Phrases for apologizing


  • I'm sorry I hurt you.
  • From now on I will try to not do that.
  • I was wrong to...
  • I want to show you I am sorry.

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